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Intergroup Board and Representative Meeting Calendar

2023-24 Board and Rep Meeting Calendar 

Bethlehem Lutheran Church

16023 Minnetonka Blvd.,

Minnetonka, MN. 55345

The Intergroup Representative is your Home Group’s voice for assuring that your Intergroup Service Office functions and carries out its Primary Purpose. All AA groups are welcome to participate at Intergroup.

Our main purpose is to help alcoholics find AA meetings and assist newcomers in the recovery program of Alcoholics Anonymous.
1. We answer our Telephone Hotline Service 24 hours a day to assist new members with the help and hope of AA
2. We stock all AA Conference-approved literature and other books for the AA community
3. We maintain an office to facilitate 12 Step calls and service opportunities
4. We maintain a web-based meeting directory which is updated weekly
5. We publish a print meeting directory at least once annually
6. We publish the MIRUS newsletter every month
7. We respond to inquiries from outside agencies, including the media, seeking information about the Fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous
8. We support the 12 Step service of over 500 Intergroup volunteers

All AA groups/squads are eligible for membership. Groups elect an Intergroup Representative and an Alternate Representative; they usually serve a 2 year term. Each Group determines length of sobriety for their Representative however experience has shown that at least 2 years is ideal. A group must be registered with Intergroup at least five (5) days before their Representative is entitled to vote at the Intergroup Representatives Meeting.

Intergroup Reps and Alternate Reps attend the monthly Intergroup Representatives’ Meeting. These ‘Reps Meetings’ are held 12 times per year on the 4th Thursday of every month unless it falls on a Holiday. Intergroup Reps are responsible for two-way communication between their Home Group and Intergroup. Reps may have input into the agenda by calling the Intergroup Service Office or by communicating requests for agenda additions with the Board Chairperson before the Agenda is approved at the beginning of the Reps Meeting. Minutes from the previous month’s Reps Meeting are available after they have been approved at the Reps Meeting. Copies of the minutes are then available at the Intergroup Office.

Representatives register with Intergroup at each Reps Meeting by providing their contact information and home group. Each Rep and home group is responsible for providing the office with current contact information to insure that AA group members have the opportunity to participate in Intergroup 12 Step Services. Full names and contact information of individual AA members submitted to the Intergroup Service Office are kept confidential in accordance with Intergroup Bylaws and the principle of anonymity. Notice of the Reps Meeting, including any meeting changes, is published each month in the MIRUS newsletter and on the Intergroup website.

Intergroup’s Annual Election Meeting is on the 4th Thursday of every September. IG Reps in attendance at this meeting elect four new Board members to serve 3-year terms; this then replaces the 4 rotating off the board. Elections are conducted according to the Third Legacy procedure as outlined in, “The AA Service Manual.” At least 26 Representatives (a quorum) must be present in order to conduct the election. A quorum is also needed to make any changes to the Intergroup Bylaws. Copies of the Greater Minneapolis Intergroup Bylaws are available during office hours or at the Reps meeting. According to our Bylaws there are 12 elected Board Members. No more than 2 members can be from the same Home Group. All Board Members must have a minimum of 5 years sobriety. The 12-member elected Board has the fiduciary responsibility for the financial integrity of maintaining vital services during their term of office. The following officers are elected at the IG Board meeting the Tuesday prior to the Annual Election meeting: Chairperson, co- Chairperson, Treasurer, and Secretary. Each serves a one-year term, October 1st to September 30th, which is the Fiscal Year of Greater Minneapolis Intergroup.  Board Resume Blank Form 2024